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Contrast team on the move


Wheww, it’s been a busy time for us at CONTRAST. Having attended several events/conferences the last month and a half has left us feeling inspired, eager and winded. Check out where we’ve been! ON THE MOVE IN LAS VEGAS The Nationals at Caesar’s Palace - getting all...

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Contrast Advertising Agency Name Origin


I’ve had experience with Contrast my whole life. Friends and family would constantly compare me with my twin sister.  How I was more extroverted and she was more introverted. I had bangs and she didn’t. That I was taller and lankier and she was stalkier...

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"Dee"tails are SUPER Important

“Dee”tails are SUPER Important

Just ask Dee Ford - the outside linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs. With a chance to head to Super Bowl LIII on the line, he lined up offsides on a play in which fellow KC defender, Charvarius Ward, intercepted a Tom Brady pass that...

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Top 5 UX Trends to watch for in 2019

Top 5 UX Trends to Watch for in 2019

With new technology coming out every day, UX design is no longer only about transitioning from desktop to mobile. Learning user behavior is more important than ever. Educating yourself on what technology is growing vs a fad is key to growing your client's business. 1. SIMPLIFIED...

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