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Contrast Advertising Agency Name Origin


I’ve had experience with Contrast my whole life. Friends and family would constantly compare me with my twin sister.  How I was more extroverted and she was more introverted. I had bangs and she didn’t. That I was taller and lankier and she was stalkier and more muscular. Our friends would go to her to be comforted and to me to hear about the latest gossip. The contrast was difficult to see on the outside but much more obvious when you took a closer look.


The official definition of Contrast in Merriam Webster’s dictionary is as follows:

: juxtaposition of dissimilar elements (such as color, tone, or emotion) in a work of art

: degree of difference between the lightest and darkest parts of a picture

: the difference between two objects, people or places.


What we think of Contrast

When you look at Contrast in the world, there are a zillion ways it comes into our lives. Contrast is what sets everything apart. Why you choose one line at the grocery store over another. Whether you decided to take side streets or the freeway to work. Why a person chooses vacationing at the beach or in the mountains. Comparing and contrasting is necessary for interaction with the environment. Finding differences and/or similarities helps us to organize both new and unknown information. We make contrast judgements everyday and we make them unconsciously. I think it gets interesting is when we dissect those unconscious choices, and as marketing professionals, we should. It’s our job to know why people make their choices so that we can help influence them.

How does it relate to an ad agency?

Contrast is also very related to Color and thus, melds well with the advertising world. Buzz words to a graphic or web designer when thinking of Contrast are things like Perspective, Value, Hue, Dimension, Clarity, and Distinction. A client might ask for ‘more contrast’ in their banner ad or ‘more pop’ in their eBlast. Contrast is all about perspective and there are obviously varying degrees of it. Contrasting your brand from the competition is crucial to standing out and standing alone.

Why we chose it

Probably the most important reason why we came up with CONTRAST for our agency name is because we wanted to be clear of what our goals are: to be distinct, provide transparency, and to add color to a sometimes, grey world.

Where we plan on taking it

We will always aim to keep our clients informed about what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and why it matters. 

Be different with us. Let’s find more contrast, together.