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"Dee"tails are SUPER Important

“Dee”tails are SUPER Important

Just ask Dee Ford – the outside linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs. With a chance to head to Super Bowl LIII on the line, he lined up offsides on a play in which fellow KC defender, Charvarius Ward, intercepted a Tom Brady pass that would have surely sealed the victory. If Ford had done nothing else but positioned himself correctly before the snap, he and his teammates would be celebrating a huge victory. (Forward video to 32 seconds)



While many Kansas City fans are very disappointed this week, I thank Ford for reminding me that even with a solid game plan in place, mistakes can and WILL happen. And they often occur right at the end of the process – when you think everything is wrapping up smoothly. For some reason, this is when we tend to lose our edge. After weeks of labor we allow ourselves that momentary lapse in focus and open the door to disaster.


Whether it’s sending that brochure to the printer without one last spellcheck or launching your client’s new website before testing Lead Generation forms – simple errors can sneak by if you let your guard down.


If you are like me, you can tell when you are getting too busy or distracted to be an effective quality control manager. It’s at these times that you need to be extra careful and be willing to enlist some help. Just like Ford, you are part of a team. Having a process in place where team members check each others’ work is a critical step to ensure excellent quality control. Ford’s teammates could have helped him out. Or if he had simply checked with the Line Judge to get confirmation, he would have surely recognized his mistake.


In more cases than we usually care to admit, there is time to slow things down and be more careful. Sleep on it and send it to the printer in the morning. Take an extra hour or two to review it one last time before you publish the content. The amount of time you spend taking one more look could save you the loss of time, money and possibly a client relationship. Or in the case of Dee Ford – a SUPER BOWL RING.